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Mobile-Friendly Site

Mobile Websites

Great mobile marketing begins with a great mobile website!

Less expensive than a new responsive site, a mobile website is like an add-on to your existing site. It may be faster and easier to create than a responsive version of your site.

Most restaurants and service providers need mobile sites to give their customers the best possible experience when interacting, placing orders, getting price quotes, etc.

If you're on your phone, check out this example of a mobile website:


Responsive Website

A responsive site is a replacement for your existing site. It is designed so that visitors experience everything your site has to offer, no matter what type of device they are viewing it on.

With a mobile website, you will:

n be way ahead of your competition

n make it super-easy for your prospects to connect with you

n improve your Google search rankings

If you're on your phone, check out this example of a responsive website:


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